There is an established relationship between the music and the visuals, this therefore suggests that goodwins theory has been applied to Miley cyrus’s wrecking ball video. Evidencing this, is the symbolic use of Miley being on the wrecking ball, as this represents her riding her troubles, and her being naked also represents her vulnerability. Another point in time where there is a relationship between music and the visual is when Miley sings the chorus ‘I came in like a wrecking ball’, and she literally comes in on the wrecking ball, meaning there is a direct correlation between what she sings and what she does, even though the phrase ‘I came in like a wrecking ball’ is symbolic for how she acted when something distressing happened too her, as she probably was an emotional shipwreck.

Another example of where goodwins theory is used is when we see a lot of close ups of Cyrus’s face, as this meets the demands of the record label. This also reveals some genre characteristics because in this music genre, it is fairly typical to see emotional girls crying in their videos, and the close up solidifies this characteristic by making these emotions the only thing we see in the short clip, as you can see in the thumbnail of the video itself.

Camera: For the first 30 seconds of the video, we see a close up of miles face, and nothing else while she sings. This links in with my previous point about goodliness theory of close ups, and in this 30 seconds we get a strong emotional feeling about the video. Another example of when the visuals correlate with what we can see is when specific camera shots are quickly cut in, and we see things like a hammer hitting the ground, Miley hitting the wall with her hand and other things hitting other things too the beat of the song.

Editing: when Miley sings ‘All I  wanted was to break your walls’, we see the wrecking ball come crashing into the wall, breaking it down while Miley walks away in slow motion. This links in with goodliness theory that there is a direct correlation between lyrics and visuals, and the director has clearly used editing to make this clear too us as an audience by using slow motion, so that we have to take notice of it.

Mise en scene: Miley uses a sledgehammer in the video to show her destructive nature. The sledgehammer also represents how her ex boyfriend broke her heart, because she uses it to break down the walls in the video, which also represent her emotions. The hammer is known for being destructive and dangerous, which is why she used it to symbolise her ex boyfriend as she wants to outline how he hurt her, and how he destroyed her heart.