This video is contentious and controversial because it is a first person view of someone having a big night out, doing a lot of drugs and causing a lot of trouble. The video was banned for drug use and because in the video someone was hit by a car, and left for dead. This video is also controversial because throughout the video we are lead to believe that the main character is a man, however we learn that at the end of the clip, it is a woman. Another reason that the video is controversial is because of the graphic sexual scenes that are in it, and this is partly a reason why the video got banned, because people found it upsetting.

Intertextual reference is used in the clip when we can see certain band members in the crowd/audience at points in time. The prodigy does this because they want to get themselves more well known, so they appear in the audience at some points.

Sound: The sound in this video interestingly links up with the video, as we notice that certain cuts and edits are perfectly in time with the music. This is because this affect mixed with the constant POV shot makes the watcher feel included in the video, meaning it has more of an impact on them.  Another way sound is used in this video is that when the singer sings ‘smack my bitch up’,  the character in the video sometimes does abusive things towards women to go in time with the lyrics. The affect of this is that The watcher realises that this video will be controversial, and that the main person in the video is very intoxicated, and doesn’t have much control over what she is doing.


Mise en scene: In one shot, we see the protagonist huffing up a line of cocaine. The director did this to make the reader understand that the protagonist does drugs, and it makes them question what her future actions may be, and it also makes the audience question what her possible daily lifestyles may be as well. This links in with camera and editing, because once the protagonist has done the cocaine, a filter is used and the camera goes more wobbly to show the intoxication of the character.


One point we can choose out from camera is that throughout the duration of the video, we see a panning shot is used. We notice this is a lot of different videos for various reasons, however in this video it is used to keep the flow of the protagonist going, and to make the scenes feel energetic and unpredictable, as the camera is constantly panning along with the protagonist. This is used because it makes the watcher feel more involved in the clips, and it makes them feel as though they are involved more than they really are, which was the producers intention.

Mise en scene: intoxicants are used throughout the video, in a lot of different forms to show the watcher that the protagonist in this clip is unpredictable, and it is also used to make the watcher wonder what may happen. We see the protagonist doing intoxicants throughout the clip because the prodigy are well known for being a controversial band, and they want to continue this stereotype with this music video. The prodigy want people  to react too their videos,and cause a stir with general society, as this would mean that their video would get talked about through word of mouth advertising, which would overall make the prodigy a more well known, popular band.

These videos appeal to The target audience because the audience was built around an unconventional theme of music that is meant to be different/inappropriate compared to other music that is around. This video in particular meets that theme because there is drugs, sex, and a lot of different intoxicants throughout, and the song as about smacking your ‘bitch’ up. This drew in a larger audience, because all the other music/ videos are so similar in comparison too each other, however this one fits a completely different theme compared to what most people had seen from other people. This is exactly what the audience wanted which is why the video was a success.