The first thing I notice about this digipak is that it has been branded quite heavily. For a digipak that is specifically about ‘funky jams’, the designers made the colour of the digipak a bright red to draw attention too it. In a shop, this bold logo and vibrant red colours would attract peoples eyes, and could help sell the digipak. The crazy design too it, along with the picture on the side  are used to portray to people what kind of music could be on it. With the bold writing and vibrant colours, we know just from looking at this digipak that it isn’t going to be slow music by any means, but it will be upbeat and ‘Funky’.

One common trait to funky music is that it can be very minimalist for the music that it is. This can be linked too the minimalist design of the digipak, because with a minimalist design too the digipak, it could also be an implication that the funky music is also minimalist, which could attract more buyers. Although i had previously mentioned that the music could be upbeat because of the boldness because of how vibrant the digipak itself is, this does not mean that it couldn’t also be minimalist, as the two can very often go hand in hand, and if i had to judge what music was on this CD, that is what my guess would be.

Alongside the colours and the bold writing, we don’t see much else too this digipak other than song titles, and this could have been because the people who designed it wanted to keep the amount on the digipak limited, so as to keep it looking neat, tidy, and professional, so as to make people know that they are a professional business that could possibly make good music.