From a first glance, this digipak looks like it comes from a darker genre of music due to the layout and design of the digipak. The red writing, along with the font that comes with it gives off a pagonistic feel, as it looks unnatural and out of place. The masks on the persons face makes it deliberately difficult to identify who the person is. It discludes the listeners from the band so that they come across as mysterious and illusive, making people more likely to be interested in who it is, and what music it could possibly be. Although the mask is out of place, the person is wearing a suit which makes him come across as formal, although the mask he is wearing is very informal. These contrasts make the digipak come across as edgy and mysterious, which is most likely the message that the designer of the digipak wanted to get across to the potential buyers, as this digipak will most likely reflect the genre of the music, so that people know what they are buying.

The mask is in place because the writer wants to shroud his emotions and not give any kind of vibe off to any potential buyers, so as to keep the digipak mysterious. from whoever may buy it. The mask has the effect of dehumanising the writer, meaning people cannot identify with him.

On the sides of the digipak, the man is looking down towards the floor/ the name of the album. This could be because the writer wants the empower the name of his album by making it the centre of attention. The writer is also looking down towards the floor because he wants to portray too us that this music/album is sad, and that it should be listened too when you are ‘down’.