For our music video, we will have two main actors which will be me and my girlfriend, Sian Merricks. We decided upon these two as they would know the feelings they would experience if they were to loose each other and we needed a couple so that we can really show the good, bad and ugly parts of a relationship which our plot entails.

Lewis & Sebastian will primarily be the directors and camera workers for the music video and collectively we will work together to overcome problems such as lighting and shot framing.

This team will work well together as everyone has their own roles and the workload will be distributed evenly. Myself, Sebastian & Lewis all have drive and passion to make this music video come to life & to make it have real world application.

Sian Merricks is currently in year 12 studying A-Level Media Studies, therefore, she already has an understanding of the planning and workload involved, She has kindly agreed to feature in our music video as the supporting actress needed to help make this music video a reality.