We wished for a location which was isolated and had an abandoned feel in order to further convey the idea that our actors are isolated and battling with their problems. We also wanted a location which was unknown in order to construct the idea that they are lost and need guidance to find normality. We eventually decided on 1 perfect location for our music video.

St Crispins:

The location itself is close and within Northampton making it easily accessible to us as a group. The location is abandoned and run down and as you can see from the imagery below has some extremely interesting areas in which we can create shots and construct our video.

We also aim to film during sunset and dark, therefore, transforming this into an eerie yet really interesting location to film. This, however, could also be bad as the video could come out looking grainy due to the darkness and lack of light. Therefore we will visit the location beforehand and get some recce shots.