In order to begin construction on a music video, we must first have some ideas in which we wish to pursue. The following 3 paragraphs are the initial plotlines we as a group came up with.

Initial Idea:

Our first idea consisted of presenting a story in which two partners begin to slowly drift away and battle with different problems between the two. One would deal with physical issues such as alcohol and drugs whereas the other would deal psychologically with having to move on. The music video would have consisted of showing these 2 characters male and female going through various happy stages in the relationship yet always ending with fighting or arguments. The idea was to have flashbacks within and further create narrative through enforcing and presenting a different life for the two characters. This would have been created for the song XO by EDEN, This idea is very close to what we wish to pursue for the music video, however, is not the final idea.

The Final Idea:

Our second idea is very similar to the initial idea however we decided EDEN – XO wasn’t the right song for the music video, therefore we decided to go for the song “Mansionair – Easier” As the lyrics fit perfectly with the plotline which is as prevails: Broken relationship between ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, the story shows the good, the bad and the ugly parts of a relationship whilst building tension and concern amongst viewers, this will be further emphasised through the location as it is a desolate and lonely place. The plot overall aims to show the struggles in which ordinary people go through not just in relationships but life in general. The song “Easier by Mansionair” Contains frequent imagery of ups and downs through the pace and tone of the song and lyrics. We hope to create something that has real world application and can be used by people to confine within. The artist Mansionair was quoted saying this:

“This song is for the times you find yourself staring at the ceiling wondering how you’ll take your next step. For the ones who constantly feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle with the handbrake on. For the ones who take walks in the night watching the streetlights flicker, going over the same scene in their heads. Sometimes the grip of life never seems to loosen but I can tell you in somewhat or another it does get easier, seasons can change and the weight of our problems feel lighter with a new perspective. This song is for you, whoever and wherever you are, and we hope it means just as much to you as it does to us” – Love Mansionair

This quote perfectly sums up the aim for our music video, We aim to show the struggles of the relationship but ultimately as the song suggests, it does get easier with time.

Alternate Idea:

We did have an alternative plan if the previous 2 fell through, This plot was developed a lot less compared to the previous 2 as we were set on creating something which was driven by gut feeling. This plot consisted of a party atmosphere in which it shows a young man try to escape the reality of his life. This video would have consisted of flashbacks to a few hours earlier to show audiences what it is that got him to this point. As this plot isn’t fully developed we hadn’t thought of what the flashbacks could have consisted of, or what the song would have been. We really want to create something deep and meaningful that has a purpose beyond just Media Studies. Which is why we have decided to go with our gut feeling and create the music video that we are passionate about, and wish to become a reality.