9 Tasts garage flavas is a 9 track CD with assorted different garage tracks on it. On the digipak we see that there is a dark side and a light side too the image. This reinforces a sense of variety in the CD, as there may be tracks which are more upbeat and happy, and there may be slower, sadder tracks in the CD. The image has a link too the culture of the underground scene because there is an image of a person with their mouth unnaturally open, which has been darkened to show that this person isn’t behaving normally. The person could be gasping for air, they might be gobsmacked, but something tells me that they are not sober and that they have had some kind of drug use in the near past before this photo was taken.

They colour scheme is yellow, orange and black, and this fits with my comment that the picture has a link too there underground scene, as at a lot of underground events, these illuminating lights can often be all the light available, and it also shows night time street lighting which further implies that this photo digipak is for night time/late night party seekers.

With the CD being called ‘9 Tasty Garage Flavas’ we see that a tongue is used in the picture to play on words with the word Flava, which is more commonly associated with DJ’s as opposed to something thats been released by an artist in an alternate genre. Instead, we see a representation of physical taste, which is incorrect because obviously we can’t taste the music/CD, however The music is referred to as tasty and is shown alongside a tongue which also could represent taste, which makes the music seem more physical and ‘in person’ than it really is, which in a way humanises it so that the consumer can identify with it better than most CD’s, which in turn will make them more likely to choose it over a different CD.