Here is the poster we created as part of the ancillary texts for our main products.

A2 Music Video Poster.png

This poster shows the couple back to back as one unit which is a metaphor for the relationship ‘being one unit’ however they are merged together and it almosts looks like they are trying to break free from each others grip. This works nicely in conjunction with our music video as it sums up the video in one image. A broken relationship (Standing back to back) in which both counterparts are trying to cope (Breaking from each others grip)  You can also see some of the location in the background of the poster which gives the audience a glimpse into the music video so they can anticipate what it’s going to be about. The bold text at the top and bottom state the artist’s name and the name of the song which advertises the song as intended. The posters I analysed in the planning and research were primarily advertising a purpose for example a concert or tour however this poster is purely artistic and raises awareness for the music video itself rather than a tour or concert.