A2 Music Video Digipak.jpg

Here is the Digipak for our A2 Music Video done to the song ‘Easier by Mansionair’

  • Top Left – Disc
  • Top Right – Inside Cover Sleeve
  • Bottom Left – Back Cover
  • Bottom Right – Front Cover

I wanted to keep the Digipak true to the artist, therefore, I based it around their original cover art for the song which looks like this:

shareimageAs you can see both the original and our version are quite similar and is more artistic than self-promoting. In our digipak, we have included Mansionair’s logo on the inside front cover with the background being a still image from our location in which we filmed. The back cover of the digipak is the quote Mansionair released with the song to describe it. The disc contains our icon image from the music video and so does the front cover, the cover also includes Mansionair’s name and the song name on a plain black background for simplicity.

Throughout our main product and ancillary texts, we have maintained a sense of consistency using the one iconic image of the 2 actors back to back stuck in each other’s unbreakable grasp. This consistency nicely links all 3 products together to create one overall experience of the audience.