A2 Media Studies – Music Video

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How effective is the combination of main product and ancillary texts ?

Question Answered by Tom Johnson

How effective is the combination of your main product & ancillary text?

In order to get the best possible combination of products we first analysed other similar artists within our chosen genre (indie electronic)  and how they used a combination of products to promote their music. One artist we studied was Mansionair who is the artist of the song we chose to do for our music video, one key feature we found within products for the song ‘Easier’ was a sense of consistency to help portray to the audience that all of the products relate to the same song.

Another key feature we found within their thumbnail, music video and cover art was a simplistic colour scheme which was primarily black and white, this appeared to be a common theme amongst all of the products within this genre so we decided to stay true to the genre and use these conventions in our products as well. We also decided to stay true to the artist Mansionair as it was their product we were promoting, therefore, we decided to use all the conventions they had used to help our products consistent with theirs.

Another artist we analysed was EDEN  and we found similar results with him as well, We analysed the products relating to his song ‘Drugs’ We found a similar colour scheme with all 3 products being quite dull and lacking colour and we found they have a sense of consistency.

We feel as if we have created a set of 3 products which link beautifully together as they have a strong sense of consistency, Throughout our music video, it features scenes of upset and despair as the two characters go through some troubling times after a breakup. this is also portrayed through our ancillary texts as the digipak and poster, as well as the thumbnail for the video, all contain the two actors back to back whilst being blended into each other. This portrays the relationship as they were one unit however they are trying to break free from each other’s grip.

As seen in this set of 4 images (Thumbnail, Poster, Digipak & Video Snippet) we have maintained a strong consistency and used a limited colour scheme to help blend into the genre and stay true to Mansionair’s original colour scheme. This is extremely effective in serving its purpose as it was designed to advertise the artist and their song. Throughout our ancillary texts, the artist name is bold and easy to read in the font we selected and the song name is present at all times as well.  This consistency nicely links all 3 products together to create one overall experience of the audience.

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January 9th 2017

Today I worked on making my blog presentable and organised using tags and categories, This is because it was previously just all of the blog posts on the home page and it needed categorising so that it makes it easier to navigate and see all of the work we as a group have produced. Also as a group we compared our music video to other previous years to determine what stage it is at. By doing this we can see how we can improve to get the best possible grade.

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